Friday 22 March 2024

Jerry Nadler Blasted For Claiming ‘Men Don’t Compete In Women’s Sports’

 Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) took a wave of backlash on Thursday after he claimed during a House hearing that “men do not compete in women’s sports.”

Nadler’s comment was a response to Rep. Harriet Hageman (R-WY), who had offered into evidence a list of instances in which men had usurped women’s sporting events to make them their own.

“I ask for unanimous consent to submit for the record instances of men hijacking women’s sports and the various examples that we have demonstrating not only injuries that have been suffered by women as men have participated in girls’ sports, but also the women — the girls and women who have been affected by this, including Riley Gaines, when Will Thomas decided to join the female — the women’s swimming team in Pennsylvania,” Hageman said.

“I object to concluding these mistruths in the record,” was Nadler’s reply.

Hageman responded to Nadler’s objection, saying it was telling that he did not want the information she was providing entered into the record.

Nadler doubled down, claiming, “Men do not compete in women’s sports.”

But critics — former NCAA swimmer Riley Gaines among them — pointed to trans-identifying swimmer Lia Thomas, who had competed against biological women in the 2022 NCAA championships.

“Ironic he says this on the EXACT 2 year anniversary of this photo being taken,” Gaines replied, sharing a photo of herself next to Thomas on the awards podium. “This 6’4″ man isn’t fooling anyone with any amount of common sense. 2 years ago today I had a fire lit under me and communists like Nadler continue to fuel it.”

“It’s even worse. Now he’s telling our committee that there are more than two sexes,” Hageman offered as a follow-up. “You’re either a male or a female, and you should compete against your own biological gender in sports.”

The issue is so pervasive that it inspired The Daily Wire’s own original comedy film “Lady Ballers.”

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