Saturday 2 March 2024

Get Out While You Can: New York Judge Marva Brown Releases Vicious Criminal Amira Hunter Back on the Street After Brutal Attack on Subway Cellist


Subway Assaulter Amira Hunter and NYC Judge Marva Brown who let her walk the next day

23-year-old Amira Hunter was filmed this week assaulting a cellist with a bottle to the back of the head. The woman was later arrested.

Hunter is well-known to police with eight prior arrests.

This is not the first time that cellist Iain Forrest had been attacked in a New York public transit station.

Forrest said it was a “truly terrifying moment” in his life.

According to the New York Post Hunter was arraigned on second degree assault charges Thursday, at which Manhattan DA’s Office requested $15,000 cash bail because Hunter has failed to appear to three of her five court dates, all of which were in 2023. 


However, New York Judge Marva Brown granted Amira “supervised” release, even though the charges are bail eligible under current law. 

Via Ian Miles Cheong.

And here is New York City Judge Marva Brown.

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