Saturday 2 March 2024

Elon Musk Wrecks ABC News Reporter For Promoting ‘Fake Alternate Reality’ About Failed Border Bill

 X owner Elon Musk mocked a news segment from ABC News this week that promoted President Joe Biden’s talking points about the Democrat-led Senate’s failed border bill, which critics and many experts have said would make the situation on the border worse.

The ABC News segment with reporter Mary Bruce happened on Thursday as Biden and former President Donald Trump both visited the border. Biden, who only announced he would go after Trump already made plans, visited a section of the border that has had little illegal immigration while Trump visited the epicenter of the border crisis that Biden caused.

“The president is expected to meet with Border Patrol and local law enforcement and to once again blame Donald Trump for tanking that bipartisan border deal that would have included some of the toughest reforms in decades,” Bruce claimed. “That legislation would have imposed stricter asylum restrictions, included daily limits on border crossings, and billions of dollars in new funding for security. But Donald Trump pressured Republicans to kill that bill to deny President Biden a political win.”

Numerous experts have said that the border bill would be a disaster for the border while top Republican policy minds, like Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, have said that the bill was a “farce” and would have “legalized illegal immigration.”


Musk fired back at Bruce’s remarks after a far-left pro-Biden account posted the segment on X: “People who get their news from legacy TV live in a fake alternate reality.”

“Those so-called ‘toughest reforms’ would have made invasion-level migration permanent,” Musk said. “That diabolical ‘Border Bill’ deserved to die and shame on those who supported it.”

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