Saturday 9 March 2024

CNN’s Clarissa Ward Lectures Israelis: You’re ‘Incredibly Callous’ For Not Wanting To Help Palestinians

 CNN’s Clarissa Ward lectured Israeli women this week who were protesting over sending aid into Gaza as Israel conducts military operations inside the area to remove the terrorists responsible for October 7 and to secure the release of the hostages that Hamas kidnapped during the attack.

One of the protesters told Ward that they would not have any problem with providing aid to children inside Gaza, if they knew that’s where the aid was going.

“This does not arrive at their doorstep,” the woman noted. “This arrives into the tunnels of Hamas that are fighting us and holding our hostages.”

“There’s no evidence to support that all of this aid is going to Hamas,” Ward claimed.

Ward’s claim was false, there is video evidence steals humanitarian aid that is meant for civilians and hijacks the aid trucks. Hamas, who the Palestinians elected to govern Gaza, used the little resources that were allocated to Gaza to build the terrorist group’s underground tunnels so they could have a place to hide after carrying out their attacks.

One the Israeli women told Ward that the people of Gaza should only be given “the minimum calories required to survive” and nothing more so that Hamas is not helped.

“They’re starving to death,” Ward claimed.

“They are not starving,” the woman pushed back.

Ward yelled at the woman: “They are starving to death!”

“You know what? If they are starving to death, give us back, give the hostages back,” the woman said. “Not a single loaf of bread should go there ’til our hostages are coming back.”

Ward claimed that not providing humanitarian assistance to Gaza was against “international law” and said the Israeli women were “incredibly callous in the face of an epic humanitarian catastrophe.”

Ward’s comments come after Palestinian terrorists with Hamas murdered 1,200 people inside Israel on October 7, wounded thousands more, kidnapped hundreds, and unleashed a campaign of rape against Israeli women. Palestinian civilians, including children, participated in the terrorist attack and polling has shown that Palestinians overwhelmingly support terrorist attacks against Jews and hate the United States.

“In the face of children starving to death, people can’t understand why anyone in their right mind would advocate for stopping aid,” Ward said.

One of the Israeli women fired back: “Hamas has no fair play, Hamas has no rules. Hamas is holding civilians!”


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