Sunday 17 March 2024

Chicago Moving Ahead With Plans To Evict Illegal Immigrants From Shelters

 The city of Chicago is moving ahead with plans to evict illegal immigrants from city shelters beginning on Sunday — and they plan to evict more than 2,000 illegal immigrants by the end of April.

According to a report from NBC News published on Friday, the first 35 will face eviction on Sunday and nearly 250 will be evicted from city- and state-run shelters before the end of March. A total of 2026 are expected to be evicted before the end of April, city officials said.

Chicago currently has more than 11,000 illegal immigrants spread across 23 shelters in and around the city, but a new policy limiting their stays in such shelters was supposed to take effect last November. After a number of delays due to extreme weather conditions, the policy is set to be implemented beginning on Sunday.

Once illegal immigrants have been evicted from the shelters, they may find alternative housing arrangements or they can go back to Chicago’s “landing zone” — where they go upon first arrival in the city — and request to be reassigned to a shelter.

Chicago Democratic Mayor Brandon Johnson noted that some 4,500 who would be evicted under the new policy will qualify for extensions and be allowed to remain where they are — some until June.

Critics mocked Chicago’s status as a “sanctuary city,” noting that eventually reality had to set in.


“So, whatever happened to being a ‘sanctuary?’ Oh, right. Reality,” one posted on X.

“Sounds racist,” another added.

“Is this 2024 America or 1933 Germany? Hard to tell these days. Chilling,” Stephen Miller joked.

The news comes just a few days after ten measles cases were reported at one such shelter in Chicago — at least two of whom were children who attend Chicago Public Schools — prompting local authorities to step up efforts to vaccinate illegal immigrants as they arrive at the city’s shelters.

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