Wednesday 6 March 2024

American medical system adopting woke DEI protocols that put patients at risk

 As bad as it already is, the landscape of modern medicine in the United States is getting worse due to the rapidly spreading virus of "diversity, equity, and inclusion" (DEI).

For one, DEI is watering down standards for doctors to the point that patient risk is skyrocketing. Unqualified people are being hired as physicians not for their merits but because of their darker skin color, and patients are paying the price in the form of medical malpractice.

Because of DEI, doctors who do a bad job and injure patients are being shielded from liability because to punish them would be "racist." In some cases, diversity-hire doctors who injure patients are actually being rewarded in the form of a promotion.

A surge in unqualified surgeons is also becoming a problem as key performance metrics are abandoned in favor of boosting non-whites to the front of the line, even when doing so requires lowering standards.

Then there is the problem of politically motivated injuries, i.e., the ongoing case of Wake Forest Universitymedical student Kychelle Del Rosario, who deliberately injured a conservative patient and later bragged about it.

According to reports, Wake Forest is planning to graduate Del Rosario, allowing her to lay low at the height of the scandal and take a voluntary leave of absence until the time was ripe for her to quietly return and complete her "education."

In case you missed it, Del Rosario was doing a blood draw on a patient who laughed and commented about her "she/her" pronoun pin.

"She/her? Well of course it is!" the patient exclaimed loudly. "What other pronouns even are there? It?"

Del Rosario proceeded to deliberately miss the patient's vein so she could jab him twice, which should have been an expulsion-worthy offense. However, since Del Rosario has brown skin and a left-leaning, pro-LGBT political mindset, she was given a free pass by Wake Forest to continue "learning" there. 

Wake Forest, UPenn Health graduating and hiring unqualified doctors

One of Del Rosario's classmates, Ewen Liu, commented at the time that it "seemed 'karma-tic'" when Del Rosario deliberately injured the conservative patient who mocked her pronoun pin. Not only did Wake Forest shower Liu with awards for "excellence" in patient care, but Liu would go on to be hired by UPenn Health where she now focuses on "LGBTQ+ Health."

It is interesting to note that both UPenn and Wake Forest are attempting to hide Liu's hiring, recognizing the public outrage that would ensue were the story to be blasted from the mainstream media. Liu is not even listed in Wake Forest's graduation materials, nor does UPenn list Liu's medical school background at Wake Forest on its website.

Another problematic DEI hire in medicine is Duke University's "award-winning" surgeon resident Vignesh Raman, who infamously stated that his "heart sinks" every time he has to attend to a patient who watches Fox News or wears a Make America Great Again (MAGA) hat.

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