Saturday 30 March 2024

Actor Michael Rapaport Signals Shift On Trump After Years Of Fervent Opposition: ‘My Political Views Have Changed’

 Actor Michael Rapaport said in an interview this week that he is considering voting for former President Donald Trump in the upcoming presidential election.

The remarks from Rapaport come after he fervently opposed the former president during his time in office and routinely launched vile attacks against Trump and the Trump family.

“My political views have changed immensely,” Rapaport said. “I will not vote for Joe Biden. At this point when we’re doing this interview, voting for Trump is on the table. People are like, ‘What are you talking about?’ That’s my reality. I will not support anybody who’s anti-Israel. I will not support anybody that is anti-making America safe.”

He said that he will not support anyone who supports President Joe Biden’s open border policies.

“I’m not down with that shit,” he said. “I’m not down with police officers in the greatest city on earth getting beaten up. You’re an illegal immigrant and then you have no bail, [and then] flipping off the f***ing camera.”

“I’m not down with going into a Costco or a 7/11, cleaning out the spot,” he said of flash mobs who are looting retail stores in predominantly Democrat-controlled areas. “So any of these people that support it, I’m not voting for them. I’m not getting caught up or suckered into these race politics or any of that bulls*** anymore.”



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