Thursday 22 February 2024

WSJ reporter who told readers to save money by “skipping breakfast” LOSES JOB

 A prominent writer at the Wall Street Journal's Washington, D.C., office just lost his job after infamously urging struggling Americans who are upset about the Biden regime's mishandling of the United States economy to skip breakfast in order to save money.

On X, Gabriel T. Rubin announced that he "really loved" his now-former job, which he recently got canned from "when WSJ's top brass decided to crush the D.C. bureau."

Desperate for another writing gig to take its place, Rubin begged his followers and anyone else who happens to see his post to "reach out if there are any jobs left in this beleaguered business" because he is "eager to stay in journalism."

In case you missed it, Rubin wrote a bizarre story recently in seeming defense of the Biden regime's "Bidenomics" plan for America that has led to rapidly rising inflation with no end in sight. Since eggs, cereal, fruit and coffee are now among the most inflated-in-price foods on the American market right now, Rubin's suggestion to America is to just stop eating the first meal of the day as a solution.

Instead of calling out the Biden regime for making the current economic crisis even worse than it had already become during the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) "pandemic," Rubin blamed Russia for America's current economic woes and basically told struggling Americans to stop whining and eat less food. 

Cruel irony

Rubin probably regrets penning his infamous anti-breakfast piece now that he has joined the same unemployment line that millions of other Americans have in recent months. Many users on X responded to Rubin's requests for new employment by pointing him back to his very own advice.

"Guess gaslighting and lying to the population has consequences," one of them said to Rubin. "Spreading state sanctioned propaganda doesn't seem to be paying anymore."

"My husband is the production manager for a national roofing company that does about 100 million a year. Would you like a job in roofing??"

"Try skipping breakfast while learning to code," wrote another. "Good luck."

Someone else noted that there is plenty of work out there for actual journalists who tell the truth, "however it would seem the market for propagandists is on the decline."

These types of jabs continued on and on with just about everyone calling out Rubin for his blatant propaganda articles that showed little sympathy for the struggling poor and unemployed of which now, ironically, he is one as well.

Perhaps all the other misinformation propagandists out there like Rubin should take note of what has now become of this once-proud media deceiver. They are next unless, maybe, they decide to stop shilling for the establishment and join the side of honesty and truth.

It is only a matter of time before Rubin and many others like him have to take their own advice by skipping breakfast, and maybe also lunch and dinner some days, just to make ends meet. If the rest of working-class America is expected to do this, why should Rubin and his propaganda buddies not be expected to do the same?

"I'd tell him to learn to code, but AI is going to take that job, too," wrote someone else about Rubin's plight.

"He supported the regime but they didn't support him," expressed another.

"It's just a matter of time until living on the street causes him to skip most meals," said another. "A can of cold soup a day should be fine. Throw in a few Pfizer boosters and he won't have to worry about a thing."

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