Wednesday 7 February 2024

‘Tucker Carlson, They Fired Him’: Joe Rogan And Aaron Rodgers Perfectly Describe The Censorship Industrial Complex

 Joe Rogan and Aaron Rodgers, who have both been mercilessly maligned by left-wing anti-speech activists, perfectly described the climate that seeks to silence anyone who doesn’t hold the acceptable, homogenized leftist viewpoint during a Wednesday episode of Rogan’s podcast.

Talking about the public calls to remove Rodgers from his weekly appearances on friend Pat McAfee’s hit ESPN show, the pair railed against Jimmy Kimmel and others who advocate for censorship.

Why would you think that it’s ok to say that it’s a real simple thing, that people that have been vaccinated you treat them and the people that took horse goo? You know rest in peace Wheezy,” Rogan asked, referencing Kimmel’s 2021 joke that people who chose not to get vaccinated shouldn’t be treated by hospitals.

Is that really how you feel? Like people that are sick from a disease that was created in a fucking lab that was funded by our own tax dollars that’s how you feel like? Those people should just die because they don’t trust the government? Or they don’t trust the pharmaceutical industrial complex that’s been responsible for lying so many fucking times?” 
“They’re literally criminal organizations,” Rogan railed on. “They have some of the biggest criminal fines in the history of this country. And all of a sudden they’re the ones we’re supposed to trust? The Liberals were always the ones that were anti-big Pharma they were always the ones that had no trust.”

“Anti-big banks,” Rodgers chimed in.

“Yeah, anti-big banks, all that,” Rogan agreed.

“Anti-war,” Rodgers added. 

“Yeah,” Rogan agreed again.

“All of a sudden, the ideology shifts because so many people are compromised by this very thing that we were talking about before,” Rogan continued. “The very thing that they use to control the media in terms of the news, they use it to control the media in terms of late-night talk shows and monologues as well. It’s the same influence because it’s the same sponsors. The same people are spending the same money on the same networks and it has an impact. If it affects your livelihood and affects your future and your ability to do this thing that you love doing, which is hosting a talk show, and you’re doing it on a network that is paid for by that money, guess what? That affects you.”
Rogan then explained how rocking the boat may have led to Daily Caller co-founder Tucker Carlson’s Fox News departure. “If you don’t think it affects you look what they did with the number one guy on TV news, Tucker Carlson. They fired him. He was the number one guy and they’re like you’re getting too crazy.”  
Carlson left Fox with the number one show on cable news. In the months leading up to his departure, Tucker had been making waves by covering third-rail issues that cable and corporate news outlets typically wouldn’t touch with a 10-foot pole.
Tucker covered the ongoing imprisonment of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, took positions critical of U.S. funding for the Ukraine war and vociferously criticized Big Pharma, all topics and positions that could hardly be found anywhere else in the corporate press.

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