Monday 5 February 2024

TUCKER CARLSON IN MOSCOW: Potential Interview With Russian President Putin Has Liberals and RINOs in a Meltdown (Watch)


Tucker Carlson has been in Russia for a few days, now, and the potential for an interview with the ‘official boogeyman of the west’, Russian President Vladimir Putin, is driving liberals, Rinos and Ukraine shills into a frenzy. 

If the Tucker-Putin interview indeed happens, it will be a massive breach of the gate-keeping by western Globalist mass media that prevents its citizens from having access to information.

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No wonder rabidly pro Ukraine shills are foaming at the mouth. Take a look at some of the ‘warmongers, shitlibs and war porn enthusiasts’.

Not everyone is mad at it, of course, most level-headed people welcome it. Democratic party Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s reaction: ‘The legacy media is in shambles because we’ve caught on to their lies and propaganda’.

Meanwhile, in Moscow, Tucker stops to chat with a Russian friend, does not deny intention of interviewing Putin: ‘We’ll see…’

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There are those who worry about the unhinged Joe Biden administration’s reaction. Last time Tucker attempted to interview Putin, the NSA started spying and leaking on him.

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