Friday 2 February 2024

The Only Denny’s in Oakland, California is Closing After More Than 50 Years Due to Crime


Less than two weeks ago, we reported that the only In-N-Out burger restaurant in Oakland, California was closing due to crime.

Now the only Denny’s diner restaurant in the city is closing for the same reason.

This Denny’s has been in operation for over 50 years.

KTVU News reports: 

Denny’s shuts down for good in Oakland, citing crime concerns

The Denny’s in Oakland, known for being “always open,” is now forever closed because of crime concerns. 

The restaurant on Hegenberger Road, a mainstay in the neighborhood for 54 years, closed for good at 1 p.m. Wednesday. It seems like only the chickens that congregate outside the diner will be staying. 

Denny’s officials would not go on camera. 

But a sign on the front door says, in part, “The safety and well-being of Denny’s team members and valued guests is our top priority.”

Employees were told of the closure only on Tuesday. Some were in tears on their last day.

Like other businesses in the area, the restaurant’s seen its share of car break-ins, robberies and violent crime.

KTVU caught up with some of the restaurant’s final customers, like Aloy Ekane, who was picking up for Grubhub but is himself a regular.

“I feel so bad for Oakland because it’s like everybody’s leaving,” Ekane said. “Oh yeah, I eat here all the time, sometimes [at] midnight. I come here and eat, because [in the] last few years, it was quite good. Just a good place. I feel so bad that they’re leaving, you know?”

How sad for the community. Here’s a video report:

How much more of this are taxpayers going to tolerate?

Democrat policies are creating food and retail deserts.

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