Tuesday 6 February 2024

Scarborough Blames Trump for Republican Opposition to Border Bill — ‘America’s Security at Risk’

 MSNBC host Joe Scarborough said Tuesday on his show “Morning Joe” that Speaker Mike Johnson’s (R-LA) opposition to the Senate border bill is putting America’s “security at risk” because of former President Donald Trump’s opposition to the deal.

Scarborough said, “If he would have actually read the bill before saying that. But, again, I guess in his Bible — God, I’ve heard about the Jefferson Bible, but the Johnson Bible, holy shikes. That must be some Bible that tells you to lie, tells you to lie about elections, tells you to lie to get into power, tells you to lie and you admit you’re a liar to get into power, to get close to Donald Trump, and now you’re lying about a bill you haven’t even read. Well, guess who has read the bill? Not that guy. Not that guy, because Mar-a-Lago tells him to jump and he goes, ‘How high?’ So, that guy hasn’t read the bill. The Wall Street Journal editorial page, as Willie said, they’ve read the bill, Mikey. They don’t care if Mikey likes it or not. They’ve read the bill, and this is what they have to say.”

He continued, “It’s unbelievable. A Border Security Bill Worth Passing. ‘The Senate bill has reforms Trump never came close to getting. By any honest reckoning,’ this is what says the Wall Street Journal editorial page, ‘by any honest reckoning.’ But that’s something Mike Johnson wouldn’t know anything about. By any honest — honest is the word, Mikey, look that up in your Bible that you’ve made up — ‘By any honest reckoning, this is the most restrictive migrant legislation in decades. Previous immigration talks have involved trading security measures for legalizing more immigration. There is little of that in this bill. This is almost entirely a border security bill, and its provisions include long-time GOP priorities that the party restrictionists could never have passed only a few months ago.’ Are you listening, Mikey? Just because Donald tells you to jump doesn’t mean that you have to put America’s security at risk.”

Scarborough added, “Because, as the Journal says, there are parts in this bill that, quote, party restrictionist could have never passed a few months ago. If Republicans reject this bill, the Wall Street Journal editorial page goes on to say, they will hand Democrats an argument that the GOP wants border chaos that they can exploit as a campaign issue. The chaos will continue for at least another year. The chaos will continue. Mike Johnson to America, ‘Go to hell.’ Mike Johnson to America, ‘Drop dead.’ Mike Johnson to Israel, ‘Drop dead.’ Mike Johnson to Ukraine, ‘Drop dead.’ Another year of fentanyl streaming across the border, another year of illegal immigrants streaming across the border.”

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