Tuesday 27 February 2024

RINO Kilmeade Rips Matt Gaetz and Steve Bannon on FOX and Friends – And Takes an Indirect Swipe at Donald Trump (VIDEO)


Kilmeade compares Steve Bannon and Matt Gaetz to the communist Squad members.

This guy is unbearable. When was the last time Brian Kilmeade was right side of a political decision?

On Tuesday morning Kilmeade took an indirect swipe at President Trump by attacking Steve Bannon and Rep. Matt Gaetz on FOX and Friends.

Kilmeade compared Steve Bannon and Rep. Gaetz to the communist, anti-American Squad members. Kilmeade finds Bannon, Gaetz and millions of Americans extreme for wanting a secure border, a rational spending plan, and an honest, unbiased Justice system in America.

That was a low blow for this longtime anti-Trump RINO.

Brian Kilmeade: Well, I think both candidates have to realize this, that on the left, if Joe Biden listens to The Squad, he loses. And I think if Donald Trump listens to Matt Gaetz and Steve Bannon, he loses. They have to understand that most of the people are not on the extremes. And if you could understand that, you’re going to win. The first one to understand that and does what they think they should do. And now what the extremists are bullying them to do is going to be successful.

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