Monday 5 February 2024

Noem Reacts To Calls For Biden To Federalize Texas National Guard, Warns Of ‘Destabilizing’ Border Crisis

 South Dakota Republican Governor Kristi Noem responded to the prospect of President Joe Biden moving to federalize the Texas National Guard in a clash over illegal immigration as she issued a warning about the “destabilizing” nature of the border crisis.

Fox News anchor Maria Bartiromo conducted an interview with Noem on “Sunday Morning Futures” in which they discussed how a standoff between Texas and federal officials has prompted some Democrats to call on Biden to seize control of the state’s National Guard amid legal battles over the use of floating barriers and razor wire to secure the border.

“Democrats have been encouraging this president, they have been encouraging President Biden to come after our states’ rights,” Noem said. “They have been talking about federalizing our National Guard, which would be the first time in American history that we would have a president that would pay soldiers to stand down, to actually not protect America. And if he’s willing to do that and to take away my authority as governor, as commander in chief of those National Guard, boy, we do have a war on our hands.”

Expressing the belief that the southern border has become a “war zone,” Noem talked about how she has already deployed South Dakota National Guard members to the border. The governor also recalled how she personally witnessed how the “vast majority” of people crossing over were “military-aged” men and argued that the razor wire being used by Texas is effective at deterring illegal crossings.

Noem, who has endorsed former President Donald Trump, said Biden is “weak” and suggested that he is not “running” the White House. She also shared a grim assessment of the United States when asked what the “stakes” are with less than a year to go before the 2024 election.

“Just look at what we have gone through the last four years. We saw governments and the president break federal law. We saw them take away fundamental freedoms that are protected in our Constitution, our freedom of assembly, our freedom of religion, freedom of speech,” she said, alluding to the measures taken during the COVID pandemic.

“Now we see the president undermining our country by allowing this invasion at the southern border. And it’s destabilizing our country. So you look at how quickly America is becoming more and more uncertain every single day, the fact we continue to borrow money from China to run our government, and then we’re just handing it out to people who aren’t even citizens here,” Noem added. “It’s a very consequential time, because it’s escalating so quickly. And if we don’t shut this down, get a new leader in the White House that loves this country, I don’t know how long it’ll be around.”

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