Monday 19 February 2024

Mark Zuckerberg Gets Roasted Online After Awkward Appearance at UFC 298 Before Alexander Volkanovski Fight (VIDEO)


Screenshot: ESPN

Mark Zuckerberg, the tech mogul known for creating Facebook, often used by pedophiles, found himself in an uncomfortably awkward situation at UFC 298 in Anaheim, California.

As the preliminaries gave way to the main card, the spotlight inadvertently fell on Zuckerberg during a painfully awkward pre-fight moment that quickly became fodder for social media jesters.

Zuckerberg was seen on live broadcast making a curious entrance alongside featherweight champion Alexander Volkanovski’s crew as they headed to the Octagon.

Zuckerberg, wearing the same cornermen’s gear as Volkanovski’s team, attempted to look cool and nodded along to the beats of the song.

Zuckerberg, who has been friends with Volkanovski for a few years, notably after getting involved in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu himself, was seen trying to be a helpful member of Volkanovski’s team as they prepared for the fight.


Zuckerberg reached out to grab some of the champion’s equipment, but unfortunately for him, his gestures went unnoticed or were ignored, leaving him to awkwardly retract his hand and play it off as if nothing had happened.

Regrettably, the night did not end well for the Australian featherweight champion, who suffered a knockout in the second round, marking an end to his four-year title run.

This brief yet cringe-worthy episode was caught by the cameras.


Social media was ablaze with comments poking fun at Zuckerberg’s awkward attempts to be part of the team.

Alex Jones wrote, “Mark Zuckerberg is a joke! And he is bad luck! His fighter got his ass kicked. Welcome to the real world kuckerberg!”

Another user wrote, “He looks deeply uncomfortable when he’s not exploiting children, violating the constitution and rigging elections.”

One user wrote, “Mark zuckerberg looks like every high school nerd from every teen movie ever made, this being the scene where he is trying out sports to finally impress the girl who is going out with the captain of the football team.”

“He’s an reptilian of course he doesn’t know how to interact with humans,” said another user.

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