Monday 26 February 2024

Jake Sullivan Demands House GOP Give Money To Ukraine, Makes No Demands For Democrats To Compromise

 Biden National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan demanded on Sunday that House Republicans give Ukraine all the resources that it wants to fight its war against Russia while making no demands for Democrats to find a compromise in order to get a funding bill passed in Congress.

Sullivan’s interview on NBC News’s “Meet The Press” comes after Democrats tried to pass a border security bill attached to Ukraine funding earlier this month that lacked most of what Republicans wanted to see done to fix the border crisis.

“We need to understand that, actually, Ukraine has, in many ways, succeeded in thwarting the fundamental objective of Vladimir Putin, which was to subjugate the country of Ukraine,” Sullivan said. “Now, Ukraine has also taken back roughly half the territory that Russia occupied in the early months of the war. We are looking at some setbacks, including in recent days, because Ukraine didn’t have enough ammunition to defend the town of Avdiivka in the east. But at the end of the day, Ukraine still has the capacity – if we provide them the tools and resources they need – to be able to prevail in this war. And it is up to us, the United States, and our allies and partners, to deliver on our commitment. And that’s why it’s so important that Congress act.”

When asked if he believes that Ukraine can win the war militarily, Sullivan said, “Of course,” but House Republicans needed to give into Democrats’ demands and “pass that bill.”

“This ultimately comes down to a simple decision from one man, Speaker Johnson,” Sullivan said. “If there were an up or down vote in the House, this would pass on a bipartisan basis. So Speaker Johnson needs to decide, will he allow that vote to go forward? If he does, Ukraine will get what it needs. If he doesn’t, then the United States will not have the resources necessary to give Ukraine the kinds of tools and capacities that it needs. That’s what this comes down to. And that is the moment that we are at right now.”


Sullivan claimed that if Johnson did not give in to Democrat demands that Republicans would be giving Russian President Vladimir Putin an outcome that he “would love to see.”


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