Thursday 29 February 2024

GOP Congressional Candidate J.R. Majewski Vows To Fight On After Controversial Remark About ‘Special Olympics’

 Republican congressional candidate J.R. Majewski vowed on Wednesday to keep fighting in the Republican Party primary for Ohio’s 9th Congressional District after controversial remarks he made earlier this month about the Special Olympics went viral.

Majewski, who was endorsed by former President Donald Trump in his prior congressional bid in 2022, made the remarks during an appearance on the podcast “Trifecta Hour.”

“Shout out to all the Democrats living in mom’s basement that like to talk s*** on the internet,” he said. “You know, no matter how hard you try, arguing on the internet, it’s like being in the Special Olympics. No matter how good you perform, you still have … you’re still f***ing retarded at the end of the day.”

“Yeah, that’s gonna get clipped and ran against me in the general election,” Majewski immediately conceded after making the remarks.

Majewski told Politico on Tuesday that he was seriously considering dropping out of the race because he was “being asked by some people to drop out.”

He said that if he thought his remarks would put him in position where he might lose the general election, he would “do the smart thing” and presumably drop out so another Republican could win.


Majewski did apologize after making the remarks shortly after clips circulated on social media.

Recently on a podcast I made some comments that were extremely insensitive and they disparaged those with special needs,” Majewski said. “Now, that wasn’t my intention, however, I did say some things that I regret.”

“I just want to say I apologize to anyone I offended,” he added. “I’m sorry. You should expect better.”


Majewski said in a statement on Wednesday that “after carefully considering the pressure and attacks by the Washington Establishment Machine, my family and I have decided that there is no mission more important than continuing this race and standing strong for the patriots I committed to fight for.”

“It has become abundantly clear that the swamp and their unquestioning allies in the media will stop at nothing to keep their grip on the status quo and silence free and independent America First voices,” he continued. “Despite these organization’s vicious attempt to literally write my resignation, I have one very strong message: I will not cower to corruption, I will not be threatened and I will never stop fighting for this country and the amazing people of Northwest Ohio.”

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