Friday 23 February 2024

CA University ‘Suspends’ Investigation Into Riley Gaines ‘Hostage’ Situation, Calls Allegations ‘Unfounded’

 San Francisco State University Police have officially suspended their investigation into a 2023 protest that reportedly resulted in former NCAA swimmer Riley Gaines saying she was held “hostage” by radical trans activists during an appearance on campus.

According to an official statement from the university’s police department, the investigation has been suspended because they determined the allegations made by Gaines were “unfounded” — despite multiple viral videos showing Gaines being hustled to safety by police officers as a mob of radical transgender activists follows her, shouting “Trans rights are human rights!”.

Gaines — who appeared in the recent Daily Wire film “Lady Ballers” — was on the campus to discuss her real-life similar experience competing against trans-identifying male swimmer Lia Thomas in the NCAA Championships. But as she wrapped up her speech, protesters burst into the room and rushed the podium, forcing her to retreat into a room that had to be barricaded to keep them out.

When one officer in plain clothes approached, offering to take her to a safer location, Gaines was wary — she said that she had not been introduced as a police officer before the event, and as the chaos unfolded, she was unsure who she could trust.

“I didn’t meet any police before the event, and she was totally unmarked, wearing all black, her face was in a mask, so she comes up to me, and says ‘come with me, I’m the police’ and was grabbing me and pulling me,” Gaines told Fox News Digital. “I didn’t believe that she was with the police because there really was no indication that she was, but I honestly didn’t really have a choice.”

Gaines has said that even though she had police protection at the time, there were so many protesters that she was hit several times before she could get to relative safety — and once she had been barricaded in, protesters began to debate outside the door, “negotiating a price I had to pay each of them to leave to be able to make it home safe to see my family.”

After the fact, Gaines said that she sat down with police and discussed the situation at length, describing in detail everything that had happened. Campus authorities were supposed to send her security footage to review over the summer, but Gaines said they never did. Instead, they demanded that she sit for additional interviews and repeat her side of the story again — and when she said no, she said the investigation was suspended.

“This just encourages what happened to me to happen to other people because the precedent has now been set. We don’t see this happening to liberal speakers or to anyone with a dissenting viewpoint to that of my own,” Gaines said in response to the investigation being suspended.


And while she said that the protesters “had every intention of getting me to step down essentially, to shut up, to scare me into submission,” she said they would not succeed.

“But this does not do that. Actually, it does the opposite. These people who want me to be quiet, it really only encourages me to speak louder,” she said.

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