Sunday 25 February 2024

“Blueprint” Reveals How Radicals are Infiltrating Government to Push Abortion, Transgender Agenda


Radical abortion activists are infiltrating government agencies through a program called the “Blueprint Appointments Project (BAP)”  to push a pro-abortion, pro-transgender agenda.

Some details of the scheme were available in Planned Parenthood’s “2023 in Review: A focus on defending access.

Planned Parenthood shares, “In 2023, the global and domestic sexual and reproductive health, rights, and justice community released the 2023 Blueprint for Sexual and Reproductive Health, Rights, and Justice Policy Agenda. The 2023 Blueprint Policy Agenda builds on the 2019 Blueprint Policy Agenda and all of the work that the Biden-Harris administration has done to advance sexual and reproductive health, rights, and justice (SRHRJ) domestically and around the globe.”

“It lays out critical actions that the administration can take now, heading into 2024, to further protect and advance people’s access to health care and health equity.”


According to Live Action, The Blueprint for pro-abortion activists, published at, demands abortion and transgender ‘care’ for children and is endorsed by over 100 pro-abortion organizations. 

Planned Parenthood makes it clear that personnel is policy, and thus, the Blueprint Appointments Project was created to funnel pro-abortion “champions” to infiltrate government agencies and further expand access for their radical agenda.

Live Action reports:

“The Repro Blueprint Appointments project consists of more than 90 organizations working to advance reproductive health, rights, and justice. An important aspect of the work is ensuring that highly qualified and diverse issue experts are appointed to positions across the Administration. That’s why we are seeking interested individuals to support for key positions at all levels of the Administration,” a webinar event postedby Gain Power read.

A May of 2021 e-mail sent out by Gain Power told abortion activists that Campbell had “discussed the process of helping over 600 candidates get appointment to the Biden-Harris Administration.” It then directed recipients “To apply or to recommend an individual, please visit for more.”


According to Planned Parenthood’s document, more than 100 abortion activists “have been appointed by the Biden-Harris administration over the past three years” to various agencies, because “Personnel is Policy,” they wrote.

Vice President of Government Affairs Michelle Batchelor joined Planned Parenthood’s Senior Vice President of Communications and Culture Melanie Roussell Newman and Deliver Strategies’ Strategic Partner Nadia Garnett for a webinar focused on “Navigating the Political Appointments Process” with a mission to pack government with as many radicals as possible.


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