Friday 2 February 2024

Biden’s LNG export ban an “outrageous attack on American energy,” says House Majority Leader Steve Scalise

 House Majority Leader Steve Scalise (R-La.) released a scathing rebuke against President Biden this week, calling the big guy's recent ban on liquefied natural gas (LNG) exports an "outrageous attack on American energy."

"This is an outrageous attack on American energy in the latest example of the White House caving to radical extremists without giving a single thought to the impact on our energy and national security," Scalise said.

"Not only does this decision jeopardize American economic growth, American jobs and American energy security, but it risks cutting off energy supplies to our allies in Europe when they need it the most."

On January 26, the Biden regime announced that the United States will immediately pause all pending decisions on permits to export LNG to non-free trade agreement countries until the U.S. Department of Energy (DoE) can update its analysis protocols for authorizations.

According to law firm Holland & Knight, the decision is not technically a ban on LNG exports so much as it is "an opportunity to review current projects seeking approval."

Holland & Knight does note that the decision is receiving stiff criticism from international business interests, as well as from certain members of Congress, including Sen. John Kennedy (R-La.), who wrote an op-ed for the Wall Street Journal blasting the decision.

"The White House claims this is necessary because the Energy Department based its permit reviews on five-year-old data," Kennedy writes.

"Here's the truth: Climate warriors want President Biden to destroy America's fossil-fuel industry, but he doesn't want to pull the trigger himself. By withholding permits, the president can scare away investors, bleed these projects of capital and claim to have clean hands if the terminals close." 

Killing off the fossil fuel industry

Kennedy notes that the Calcasieu Pass 2 export terminal in Cameron Parish, La., which is still under construction, is threatened with obliteration because of Biden's decision.

"Any way you look at it, Mr. Biden's blockade is bad for America," Kennedy writes.

"Consider the Calcasieu Pass 2 export terminal in Cameron Parish, La. Once completed, it will be the country's largest terminal. Nixing its permit would jeopardize $20 billion in investments for U.S. industry and kill thousands of good jobs in my state."

Love 'em or hate 'em, earth-based "fossil" fuels like natural gas keep the economy going while providing inexpensive and abundant energy. Americans' relatively high standard of living is fueled by fuels like LNG that improve quality of life and generate wealth.

Squelching LNG and other earth fuels in the name of promoting a new "green" standard of living will plunge the country into poverty while destabilizing the energy grid.

"There is no environmental justification for killing these jobs," Kennedy warns. "Natural gas is the reason America leads the world in carbon-emission reductions."

"From 2005 through 2019 natural gas drove a 32% reduction in American carbon emissions while creating 1.4 million manufacturing jobs and ensuring that families paid half as much to heat their homes. Apparently, whichever TikTok influencer convinced the Biden administration to ban LNG permits forgot to mention that side of the natural-gas ledger."

Ironically enough, the Biden regime's environmental pet projects, including the electric vehicle (EV) sham, all rely on, you guessed it: natural gas to power their charging stations. 

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