Monday 12 February 2024

Biden Campaign Claims Trump Wants To ‘Round Up’ Latinos In ‘Mass Detention Camps’ After He Promises Large-Scale Deportation

 The Biden campaign claimed on Friday that former President Donald Trump wants to incarcerate Latinos in detention camps after Trump said he would start a mass deportation operation on his first day back in the White House if he’s elected in 2024.

Biden-Harris HQ, the X account that acts as a “project of Biden-Harris 2024,” posted an eight-second clip of Trump’s speech at an NRA event in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, on Friday night. The Biden campaign staff captioned the clip, “Trump calls for mass detention camps and rounding up millions of Latinos.”

In the clip, Trump does not mention “Latinos” or “detention camps.” The short segment of the speech clipped by Biden-Harris HQ shows Trump telling the crowd, “And within moments of my inauguration, we will begin the largest deportation operation in American history.”

Before making his comment on deportation, Trump said as president he would handle Texas’ fight to secure the southern border in the opposite way the Biden administration has dealt with it, saying, “Instead of trying to send the state of Texas a restraining order, I will send them reinforcements. They’re going to get reinforcements. They’re doing a good job.”

“And I’ll use all necessary military and law enforcement forces to defend the United States of America,” Trump added. “We’re going to be very strong.”

The Biden campaign has accused the president’s political rival of planning to “lock up millions” of people in detention camps in the past. In December, Trump enraged many on the Left, including the Biden team, with his remarks on illegal immigration when he said millions of illegal immigrants coming into the country are “poisoning the blood of our country.”

Biden’s campaign argued that Trump “parroted” Hitler and has a plan “to lock up millions of people into detention camps.”


“Donald Trump channeled his role models as he parroted Adolf Hitler, praised Kim Jong Un, and quoted Vladimir Putin while running for president on a promise to rule as a dictator and threaten American democracy. Trump is not shying away from his plan to lock up millions of people into detention camps and continues to lie about that time when Joe Biden obliterated him by over 7 million votes three years ago,” the Biden campaign said.

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