Monday 8 January 2024

‘Young Turks’ Host Lashes Out At Fetterman, Calls Him ‘Fraud’ And Says He’s Turned Into A Republican

 The Young Turks commentator Cenk Uygur unloaded on Senator John Fetterman (D-PA) over his recent comments about Harvard University and his stance on Israel, calling him a “fraud” and accusing him of turning into a Republican.

Uygur was responding to an interview with Fetterman that was published Friday by Semafor — during which the Pennsylvania senator confirmed that he was not a “progressive” and criticized his alma mater in the wake of former Harvard University President Claudine Gay’s ouster.

“As an alum of Harvard — look, I graduated 25 years ago, and of course it was always a little pinko. But now, I don’t recognize it,” Fetterman said of the Ivy League institution.

During the same interview, he told Senator’s David Weigel that he would not be surprised to see more Democrats in Congress calling for a ceasefire in Israel’s war against the terrorist group Hamas.

“More and more of my colleagues are calling for it. It’s so strange. Why aren’t you calling for Hamas to surrender? If Hamas surrendered, and turned over their guns, all the killing and all the misery would [end],” he said.

Uygur took issue with Fetterman’s comments, however, and took to X to voice his objections.

“Now @JohnFetterman is telling everyone how he’s not a progressive, he rejects us and is now calling Harvard ‘pinko.’ What the f***? This is why people lose hope, because of frauds like Fetterman. You work hard to get a progressive elected and they turn into Republicans instantly,” Uygur posted on Friday.

He followed up a day later, adding, “Someone should do a poll of @JohnFetterman in PA. I bet his numbers went down significantly after he became the biggest cheerleader for the establishment, biggest supporter of killing innocent Palestinians in Gaza and a huge backer of Biden. That’s not at all who they voted for.”

The Young Turks host went after Fetterman just before the New Year as well, referring to him as a “mouthpiece for the establishment” and a “counterproductive poser.”

“Fetterman has gone from the last great populist hope on the Democratic side to worse than useless. He’s now enthusiastically taken on the role of mouthpiece for the establishment who attacks anyone challenging Biden or the powerful. Counterproductive poser.”

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