Sunday 28 January 2024

Wild Video Shows Man Punch Alleged Kidnapping, Sexual Assault Suspect Outside Courtroom

 A man knocked a kidnapping and sexual assault suspect to the floor with a blow to the head, outside a Las Vegas courtroom, a video showed.

The man could be seen rising from a bench and striding toward the suspect, who appeared to be making a phone call while walking by another person, the video showed. The man then appeared to speak with the suspect, and then landed a blow on the suspect’s head, knocking him to the ground. Bystanders, including law enforcement officers, could then be seen rushing toward the pair.

The suspect, identified as 59-year-old Afghan-born actor Yousuf Azami, was in court for allegedly sexually assaulting a teenage girl in his home in Sept. 2023, KLAS reported. The alleged victim, 14 or 15 years old at the time of the alleged assault, was in search of “something to smoke and eat” when she encountered Azami in a marijuana dispensary parking lot, according to the outlet.

Azami drove the alleged victim to his house, where she fell asleep on a bed but awoke to feel a naked Azami “grinding” his pelvis against her, the outlet reported. The teenager asked Azami to stop and then she took a shower, left with a piece of Azami’s clothing, and reported to a stranger near a hotel that “she had been kidnapped and raped and needed police,” according to the outlet.

Azami reportedly denied involvement in the alleged sexual assault and said he did not know the teenager’s age. Having been reportedly bonded out of jail with $5,000, he was expected back in court Feb. 20.

The man who struck Azami was identified as Glenn Cromwell Jr. and believed to be connected to the alleged victim, the outlet noted. Cromwell Jr. reportedly was charged with battery, released on his own recognizance, and expected to return to court Mar. 19.

Cromwell Jr. is believed to be the alleged victim’s father, according to The Mirror.

The incident occurred in the same court building where 30-year-old thrice-convicted felon Deobra Redden leaped onto Judge Mary Kay Holthus’s bench and attacked her Jan. 3, the New York Post reported.

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