Monday 15 January 2024

Mega-Brawl Breaks Out At Motocross Event After Chick Sucker Punches Dude (And Then Has The Audacity To Cry About It)

 The cheek of this chick!

As is always the case, we have no idea how the original argument got sparked up that led to this massive brawl, all we know for certain is that this fight is straight-up popcorn content and the footage was posted on Instagram by @sundayatstate. 

Oh, and that it was a motocross event, and I guess you can throw in there that we know that these people are IDIOTS — with one of ’em getting outright clocked.

This whole thing sparked up because there was apparently an argument between some dude and some chick, with another guy in the middle of them trying to keep the peace. However, the woman then decides to throw a sucker punch at the man she was arguing with, leading the guy in the middle to grab who I’m assuming is his girl to keep control of her and her apparent violent streak.  

Well, the guy who got hit wasn’t playing any of that, and looked like he was walking up towards the girl, but she ended up kicking him … so what did the ol’ boy do? 

He punched the living daylights out of the girl-grabber and all hell broke loose from there. And the chick actually had the audacity to cry about the whole thing despite her being the one to bring the violence into it.

Just terrible, man.


Idiots will be morons, and morons will be idiots, but this group has to be at the top of the list.

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