Tuesday 9 January 2024

‘Major Incident’ Declared in Fort Worth, Texas — At Least 21 Injured in Major Explosion at Downtown Sandman Hotel (VIDEO)


Photo: Fort Worth City Council Member Carlos Flores/Facebook

A huge explosion rocked the downtown area of Fort Worth, leading to a ‘major incident’ at the Sandman Hotel.

WFAA has reported that the incident is suspected to have been caused by a gas explosion.

“We are currently working a Major Incident. Please avoid the downtown area. PIOs are on scene. We will share more details as soon as we can confirm more information,” Fort Worth Police wrote on X.

“The FWFD (along with multiple other emergency responders) is on scene of a major incident in downtown #FortWorth. PLEASE avoid this area. We will provide updated information as it becomes available,” the Fort Worth Fire Department wrote. 

The explosion caused significant damage to the infrastructure of the Sandman Hotel, a popular destination for both tourists and business travelers. Windows of the building were shattered by the blast, and a cloud of smoke was seen billowing from the site.

MedStar has reported that there are 11 individuals injured so far: one in critical condition, two with serious injuries, and the remaining injuries are considered non-serious, per reporter for WFAA, Matt Howerton.

MedStar has not reported any fatalities at this time.

According to Fort Worth City official X account, “The smell of gas is prevalent in the area. A two block radius has been established by [Fort Worth Fire Department] and [Fort Worth Police Department].”


Another video:

Aerial view of the scene of the explosion at Sandman Hotel:

Families seeking information about their loved ones are advised to go to Sundance Square.

“The family reunification area for those who were involved in the downtown incident this afternoon will be at SUNDANCE SQUARE. If you are looking for a loved one, please go to Sundance Square (420 Main Street) for more information,” the fire department wrote.

According to the update from the Fort Worth Police Department:

  • 3:30 PM explosion at Sandman Hotel (810 Houston St)
  • Construction was going on in the building
  • There is a gas leak in part with this incident, but can’t confirm it caused the explosion
  • 11 patients (1 critical/2 serious); 1 person still missing
  • FD extinguishing fire/evacuating building

Here is a new update from the Fort Worth Police Department:

  • There was fire that was extinguished
  • FD extricated multiple patients & located the missing person (alive); still searching
  • Patient Count: 21 people
  • Has characteristics of a gas explosion- but it’s still under investigation at this time

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