Friday 26 January 2024

Kamala Harris Says We Could “Lose This Democracy” if We Elect a President Who Would Weaponize the DOJ and “Go After Their Political Enemies” (VIDEO)

Kamala Harris sat down for a one-on-one interview with Katie Couric to discuss Joe Biden, Donald Trump and the 2024 election.

As expected, it was a softball interview between two friends.

Katie Couric and Kamala Harris exchanged pleasantries and even complained about online reports describing them as shorter than they are.

“It’s like literally, they just want to make us smaller,” Harris said complaining Wikipedia describes her as standing at 5’2″. 

Harris claimed she’s 5’7″ with heels.

At one point Kamala Harris actually claimed we will “lose this democracy” if we elect a president who would weaponize the Justice Department and “go after their political enemies.”

Of course, this is precisely what Joe Biden is doing.


Joe Biden unleashed the might of the federal government to lock up his main political rival Donald Trump.

Biden’s DOJ appointed Special Counsel Jack Smith as a hired gun to go after Trump just one day after Trump announced his 2024 presidential bid in November 2022.

Jack Smith indicted Trump on more than 40 federal charges in two separate venues and is fiercely working to convict Trump before the 2024 election.

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