Monday 1 January 2024

Joe Biden Reveals His New Year’s Resolution: ‘To Come Back Next Year’

 President Joe Biden revealed his New Year’s resolution to reporters while vacationing with his family in St. Croix, the U.S. Virgin Islands.

“Mr. President! What’s your New Year’s resolution, sir?” a reporter shouted after Biden as he went to dinner with First Lady Jill Biden and granddaughter Natalie Biden.

“To come back next year,” he replied.

“Anything else?” the reporter asked.

“That’s the biggest one,” he said.


According to The Washington Examiner, Biden was referring to the luxe vacation destination when he said he resolved to “come back” in 2024.

“I know you guys hate this assignment down here. I’m sorry to bring you down here,” he joked with reporters.

Others — like the hosts of “Fox & Friends” on Sunday morning — interpreted his resolution as a promise to come back from vacation and return to work in the White House.

Pete Hegseth, according to a report from Mediaite, said the he believed Biden was actually resolving to “stay alive.”

“That’s what it feels like, right?” cohost Johnny Joey Jones replied.

Rachel Campos-Duffy added, “That’s what Obama told him, to stay alive.”

“Joe, just make it, man,” Jones continued.

“I’m just coming back next year — which is tomorrow,” Hegseth joked.

Jones went on to point out some resolutions he thought Biden would be wise to consider as 2024 began: “Don’t let the dog bite as many people, don’t let the kids get in as much trouble.”

Fox News was not the only media outlet to address Biden’s comments, however — former Biden campaign manager Kate Bedingfield discussed the president’s resolution with CNN anchor Dana Bash as well.

“We love a New Year’s resolution we can keep, right?” she laughed. “The best resolutions are the ones you can keep.”

“Look, it is absolutely going to be a rocky and challenging and close campaign. I don’t think there is any doubt about that, I certainly don’t think anybody in the Biden operation has any doubt about that. It’s going to be a challenging campiagn,” Bedingfield added.

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