Tuesday 30 January 2024

Jake Tapper Presses DOD Official On Whether Terrorists Take Biden’s Threat Of ‘Repercussions’ Seriously

 CNN’s Jake Tapper pressed Pentagon Deputy Press Sec. Sabrina Singh Tuesday on whether terrorists take President Joe Biden’s threat of “repercussions” seriously following the deadly attack on a U.S. base in Jordan.

Three U.S. service members were killed and at least 34 injured after an explosive-laden drone crashed near the living quarters of a base in Jordan. Biden blamed Iranian-backed militant groups for the attack, which remains under investigation, and vowed to retaliate.

A loose coalition of Iran-backed militants claimed responsibility as a “continuation of our approach to resisting the American occupation forces in Iraq and the region,” according to The New York Times.

Tapper asked Singh whether Biden’s threats of repercussions and retaliation are being taken seriously by terrorist groups following the deadly incident. 

Tapper first asked Singh whether Americans currently held hostage by Hamas will be left in captivity indefinitely, with Singh saying she wouldn’t get ahead of herself or the negotiations.

“Hamas killed Americans on October 7th and has taken Americans hostages. This other group, whatever it is, just killed three American soldiers and wounded dozens more, at least 30 or 40 more. Does the Biden Administration have any concern that these terrorist groups in the Middle East think that they can do whatever they want to Americans and there won’t be any serious repercussions?”

“Well we absolutely have concerns. And we absolutely have said publicly there will be repercussions. There will be accountability held. That is why you have seen the president and the secretary very forcefully say that we will respond and we will respond when we are ready to respond. I am not going to detail or forecast what the response look like, but absolutely. These acts, these horrific tragedies that happened earlier this week are not going to go unanswered. We are going to hold those that are responsible for that accountable.”

Biden issued a warning to Iranian Ayatollah Ali Khamenei in October against targeting U.S. personnel in the Middle East, Reuters reported. Biden again issued a private warning to Iran in early January just before ISIS carried out a terrorist attack that killed more than 80 people, according to CBS News.

The Biden Administration is under increasing pressure to handle the rising hostilities in the Middle East after claiming for months things were peaceful. White House National Security Council Advisor Jake Sullivan said in October that under Biden’s leadership the Middle East was “quieter than it has been for decades.”

State Department Secretary Antony Blinken warned Monday the Middle East is now “incredibly volatile” and facing unprecedented levels of dangers.

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