Monday 15 January 2024

Disabled Man in a Wheelchair and Conservative Podcaster Unexpectedly Kicked Out from DeSantis Campaign Event With No Valid Reasons (VIDEO)


A disabled man in a wheelchair and a conservative podcaster, Matt Kim, were removed from Ron DeSantis’s campaign event on the eve of the Iowa caucuses. The reasons behind this unexpected removal remain unclear, sparking confusion and frustration among the individuals involved.

The incident, which was caught on video, shows the disabled attendee, who had just entered the venue, being promptly escorted out by security personnel.

When asked for an explanation, the security guard could only mention that he was “following orders,” leaving the disabled man visibly confused by the unexpected turn of events.

The individual was reported to be wearing a hat bearing the name of Brenden Dilley, host of The Dilley Show and a Trump supporter. Dilley took to social media to express his disbelief.


“Ron DeSantis just had a man in a wheelchair thrown out of his event because he was wearing a hat with my name on it, while he was listening to the speeches. Unreal,” Dilley wrote.


Additionally, conservative podcaster Matt Kim shared his own baffling ejection from the event on his social platforms.

Kim, who had no prior history of disruptive behavior or negative commentary about DeSantis, was similarly kicked out from the event.

In a statement, Kim expressed his disbelief: “Just got kicked out of the DeSantis event. I’ve never made a video about him. Ever. I’ve never caused a problem. Ever. I’ve never trolled IRL. Ever. He wants to be President? What a joke,” he wrote.

He added, “I had a ticket to the DeSantis campaign and they even called me to confirm my attendance. Kicked me out as soon as I got to the door.”

The video statement from Matt Kim circulated widely online, showing his frustration as he recounted the episode. He explained that he had valid tickets and had been previously confirmed as an attendee by the event organizers themselves. Despite this, he was threatened with trespassing charges and denied access not only to the event but also to a neighboring restaurant.


Prior to the incident, Matt Kim posted a video with Brenden Dilley inside Trump’s campaign headquarters, where they were given exclusive access.

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