Wednesday 31 January 2024

Cruz: Biden’s Border Crisis Is So Bad He Makes Obama’s Border Crisis Seem ‘Minuscule’

 Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) said this week that President Joe Biden’s border crisis is so dire, it makes former President Barack Obama’s border crisis seem “minuscule” by comparison.

Cruz’ remarks, which he made during his “Verdict” podcast, came after U.S. Customs and Border Protection released numbers late last week showing the more than 302,000 illegal aliens were encountered on the U.S. southern border last month, by far the highest number in history.

“Listen, illegal immigration was a problem under Barack Obama, was a serious problem under Barack Obama, but I gotta say, compared to now, it’s night and day,” Cruz said. “The Obama immigration problems seem quaint, that they are minuscule compared to what is happening now. The order of magnitude — I’ve joked multiple times that Joe Biden has done something I thought was impossible. He’s made me miss Barack Obama.”

Cruz said that outside of DACA, Obama “by and large, followed the law.”

“For people crossing illegally into the country, Barack Obama deported millions of people,” Cruz said. “If you remember, during the Obama administration, the Left got very mad. They called him the ‘deporter in chief.’ And that made a difference. What has happened here under Joe Biden, and we’ve never seen a president do this in over 200 years of our nation’s history. There has never been a president that utterly and completely defies U.S. law, and lets people go by massive numbers.”


“So for example, there’s an authority under federal immigration law called parole authority, which is, you can release people in limited and special circumstances,” Cruz continued. “Under Obama, he would parole roughly 5,000 illegal immigrants a year. Under Trump, it was a comparable number. How much Biden is doing? About 800,000 a year. He took Obama’s 5,000 a year and he blew it up to 800,000. They’ve made a decision, ‘We are going to allow an invasion.'”

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