Monday 29 January 2024

Con-Woman Who Bilked US Army Out of $100 Million Meant for Military Families and Kids Will Keep Her Military Retirement Benefits


Janet Mello, 57, biled the US Army of millions she said was for military families and kids. She was able to retire from her civil service job with full benefits during investigation of her shell company. screengrab

Janet Mello, the multi-millionaire con-woman who biled the US Army out of over $100 million meant for military families and their children will keep her full military retirement benefits.

Mellow is accused of using ill-gotten money to buy 80 supercars and 31 homes. The money was meant to help military families and kids. Mellow had homes in Colorado, New Mexico, Maryland, and Washington.

The Daily Mail reported:

A millionaire conwoman accused of scamming the US Army out of $100million has been allowed to retire with full benefits – despite being under criminal investigation.

Janet Yamanaka Mello is accused of using ill-gotten money to buy 80 supercars and 31 homes. 

She was arrested in December but pleaded not guilty and is due to return to court in February. 

In the meantime, her sweet set of civil servant retirement perks remains unfrozen. 

The military admitted there was nothing they could do to strip it from her because she was protected under a federal law that was held up in government bureaucracy…

…Mello has nearly 80 vehicles and 31 properties across five states up for forfeiture – as federal prosecutors allege she lived a life of luxury and opulence that was clearly not supported by her $130,000 a year government salary.

She reported that her company CHYLD earned a profit of $483 on revenue of $2,152 for training consultations in 2017. But since then, she has not filed any tax returns. 

She regularly filed fraudulent paperwork – and deposited grants into her fake business 40 times, securing over $100,000,000 for herself, documents allege.

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