Thursday 25 January 2024

CNN Ex-Pat Chris Cillizza Takes A Virtual Beating Over Claim Biden Never Told Coal Miners To ‘Learn To Code’

 Ex-CNN reporter Chris Cillizza got some backlash — and a Community Note — for his claim that President Joe Biden had never suggested workers in one profession could simply change jobs by learning to code.

The conversation began with news of recent layoffs at a number of media outlets — including The Los Angeles Times — and a response posted via X by DeSantis’ Press Secretary Jeremy Redfern. “The LA Times is not having a good day, and I’m at peace with that.”

In context, Redfern has been on the receiving end of a number of media inquiries from the L.A. Times and other outlets, many of which had intentionally framed their pieces to attack his boss. But Cillizza did not see things that way.

“Will never get people who celebrate when other humans — with families, mortgages, medical bills etc — lose their jobs.”

“Journalists did this with the coal miners so cry harder,” one person replied, prompting Cillizza to respond: “They didn’t though. At all. Biden said it (and he didn’t even say ‘learn to code.’ Like, facts matter.”

“Kind of like journalists cheering people getting laid off over COVID shots. Zero sympathy here,” another replied to Cillizza. “The journalists now need to hustle and get real jobs. Hey, maybe learn to code. Enjoy.”

“It just didn’t happen. And, again, no journalist said ‘learn to code.’ And neither did Biden,” Cillizza responded.

A Community Note soon followed, linking to a 2019 article published by The Hill. “Then candidate Joe Biden, during a campaign rally in Derry, NH in 2019 stated, ‘Anybody who can go down 3,000 feet in a mine can sure as hell learn to program as well,’ in a policy proposal to move away from fossil fuels,” the Note read.


GOP Rapid Response director Jake Schneider shared video of Biden saying that coal miners could learn to program.

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