Sunday 14 January 2024

Biden: “If My Republican Colleagues Don’t Fund Ukraine, They’re Gonna Have an Awful Lot to Pay For” (VIDEO)


Joe Biden on Saturday stopped to talk to reporters posted up on the South Lawn as he departed to Camp David, the presidential retreat in Catoctin Mountain Park in Maryland for another weekend vacation.

Reporters asked Joe Biden about escalations with Iran, the border crisis and Ukraine.

Biden denied there is a crisis at the southern border even though an estimated 11 million illegal aliens – mainly military-age males from Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East – invaded on his watch.

“Would you call the situation on the southern border a ‘crisis’?” a reporter asked Biden.


He blamed Republicans.

“I’ve been pushing them… my Republican colleagues since I took office. I believe we have to make major changes on the border. I’ve been pushing for that. I am ready to make significant changes at the border. And we have been negotiating for the last five weeks, so I hope we can achieve that,” Biden said.

Joe Biden also warned Republicans for refusing to fund Ukraine.

Last month House Republicans blocked funding for Ukraine. On Friday Democrats rejected Speaker Johnson’s demand to secure the southern border in exchange for Ukraine funding.

“If my Republican colleagues don’t fund Ukraine, they’re gonna have an awful lot to pay for,” Biden said.

The Biden Regime has already given Ukraine tens of billions of dollars in military aid over the last couple of years with no end in sight.


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