Thursday 14 December 2023

Turkish Lawmaker Declares Israel Cannot ‘Escape The Wrath Of God,’ Instantly Collapses From Heart Attack

 A Turkish lawmaker collapsed on Tuesday immediately after declaring that Israel cannot “escape the wrath of God.”

Video from the Turkish Grand National Assembly showed Saadet Party Kocaeli Deputy Hasan Bitmez, 53, giving a speech before the Ministry of Foreign Affairs when he collapsed.

“Even if history remains silent, the truth will not remain silent. They think that if they get rid of us, there will be no problem,” he said in a translation of his speech. “However, if you get rid of us, you will not be able to escape the torment of conscience. Even if you escape the torment of history, you will not be able to escape the wrath of God.”

Immediately after making the remarks he turned and collapsed onto the floor as people rushed in to help him.

Turkish officials later said that “during angiography, it was seen that two main veins were completely blocked, and after the intervention did not yield any results, he was connected to a heart-lung pump.”

“He is now vital with a heart-lung pump,” they added.



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