Friday 1 December 2023

Things Have Gotten So Bad That Even Joe Biden is Now Running Away From the Term ‘Bidenomics’


In October, it was reported that Democrats were fretting over use the term ‘Bidenomics’ because they feared it was backfiring.

Now, even Sleepy Joe himself is running away from the word.

Democrats know that the public is not happy about the economy and a word like ‘Bidenomics’ just reminds everyone that Joe is responsible for the pain that everyone is feeling.

FOX News reports:


Biden distances himself from ‘Bidenomics’ phrase he used for months, as public sentiment remains sour: Report

With less than a year until Election Day, President Biden appears to have abandoned the unpopular phrase, “Bidenomics,” in his public speeches, an NBC News report found.

“Since June, President Joe Biden had been freely peppering the word ‘Bidenomics’ into his speeches and remarks mentioning the economy — 101 times, to be exact,” the report said. “In doing so, he was attaching his name to a set of administration policies that most Americans don’t believe have worked, according to recent polling.”

A Fox News poll from mid-November found 78% of voters rate the economy negatively, and the majority feel the worst isn’t over. Inflation was the top concern with the majority of those surveyed, but only 29% of voters approved of Biden’s handling of the issue, while 69% said they disapproved.

For months, Democratic strategists have warned that the White House’s messaging on the economy is not working to change voters’ sour feelings about the economy.

Presidential historian Douglas Brinkley told NBC News that the messaging “fell flat” with the public.

The term has become toxic, much like Biden’s economic policies.

Republicans should start asking Democrats why Joe has stopped using the word. Make them own it.

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