Wednesday 27 December 2023

Rep. Jeff Van Drew: Total Illegal Aliens That Entered US Under Joe Biden Now More than Population of New Jersey- the 11th Largest State! (VIDEO)


Rep. Jeff Van Drew joined Special Report on FOX News on Tuesday night after Christmas.

Van Drew, a former Democrat lawmaker, discussed Joe Biden’s open border crisis.

Rep. Van Drew told the FOX News audience that Joe Biden has now allowed more illegal aliens into the country through the open border than the total population of the State of New Jersey.

New Jersey is the 11th most populated state of the union.


Jeff Van Drew told FOX News, “I’m going to be, maybe some people think it’s bold but I’m telling the truth. This administration purposely wants to change the social structure and the fabric of the United States of America.”

Do not be fooled, this is the planned destruction of the United States of America. Let’s hope Americans wake up to this total annihilation of our country and its borders before Joe Biden and Barack Obama finish us off.

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