Sunday 31 December 2023

PURE EVIL: Two Savages in Houston Rain Punches on Alzheimer’s Sufferer and Stomp on His Head – Police Identify and Arrest the Suspects (VIDEO)


Credit: KTRK

Houston, Texas – One of the cruelest crimes imaginable occurred last week in Houston that further proves America is losing its soul.

As KTRK reported, two violent thugs are in custody at the Harris County Jail after camera footage caught them brutally assaulting an innocent 67-year-old man named Florentino Hurtado, who has Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Police on Thursday identified the suspects as Trayvion Lockridge and Derodric Stephens. They have been charged with aggravated robbery over 65.

Trayvion Lockridge Credit: KTRK
Derodric Stephens
Credit: KTRK

KTRK revealed that the incident occurred in the parking lot on December 23 near Tidwell in the 5900 block of North Shepherd. Hurtado and his wife had gone to the meat market to pick up ingredients to make tamales.

He stayed in the car initially, and she went into the store according to their daughter Jessica.


Video footage obtained by KTTK shows Hurtado wandering outside the vehicle and pulling on the handle of the wrong car. Lockridge and Stephens then enter the frame and begin their assault on the disoriented man.

The savages rain several blows on Hurtado’s head, and he eventually falls to the pavement. They then proceed to stomp on his head.


The suspects then flee the scene while Hurtado gets up and staggers around the parking lot. Police revealed the two men left in the car in question and stole Hurtado’s cellphone after assaulting him.

KTRK reported Florentino, who weighs less than 100 pounds, suffered multiple injuries including a broken cheekbone, numerous cuts that required stitches, a possible traumatic brain injury, and a black eye.

His heartbroken daughter Jessica relived the evil beating rendered on her father in an interview with KTRK Thursday.

“My dad, you can see him stumble up and get up, and you could tell he was obviously confused and dazed as well, and he started wandering towards the pawnshop,” Jessica said.

She correctly pointed out that the incident could have been quickly diffused with common-sense restraint.

A simple push, a simple “go away.” My dad would have walked away.

The Daily Mail reported the state of Texas asked Lockridge’s bond be set at $1million, but the defense countered with an asinine request for $3,000. The amount was eventually set at $50,000.

Jessica slammed the paltry amount for such a vicious crime in the interview with KTRK.

It’s just sad. It’s really sad; my father did not deserve this at all. We just want justice for my dad. That’s all we want.

Stephens’s bond has not been set at this point. KTRK reports he has five pending cases in addition to his new charge.

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