Wednesday 6 December 2023

Parents Horrified After School Assigned Daughter to Sleep with Boy on Field Trip

 Is there nowhere safe for children?

It wasn’t that long ago when parents could send their kids to school confident adults would protect them. Not anymore. Transgender ideologues have now infiltrated every aspect of society — especially our schools.

In Colorado, some school administrators and teachers are being accused of intentionally subjecting vulnerable students to transgender ideology without the parents knowing about it, The Daily Signal reported Monday.

During a cross-country trip in June, Jefferson County Public Schools “assigned a fifth-grade girl to sleep in the same bed with a fifth-grade boy who identifies as transgender without notifying the girl or her parents,” according to a demand letter sent to the system and Superintendent Tracy Dorland by Alliance Defending Freedom.

ADF is representing the 11-year-old girl’s parents, Joe and Serena Wailes, who want the school to answer for its policies, according to The Daily Signal. 

The Waileses say their daughter went on a school-sponsored field trip to Philadelphia and Washington with the assurances from the JCPS that boys and girls would be roomed on different floors.

According to the ADF letter, chaperones were to make it known that boys would not be allowed to visit the girls’ floor and vice versa. Serena Wailes was on the trip with her daughter, but she was not a chaperone.

The Wailes’ daughter, identified as “D.W.,” was assigned to a room with three other students, the letter said. Two of the students were girls from her school. The third was a boy who identified as a girl and attended a different school. The boy was identified as “K.E.M.” in the letter.

“We were definitely not aware of that before we went on the trip,” Serena Wailes told The Daily Signal in a phone interview. She said the boy was wearing girls’ clothing and had longer hair.

D.W. and K.E.M. were assigned to the same bed, according to the letter. When the students were in their room together that evening, K.E.M. told the girls he was a boy who identified as a girl.

D.W. wasn’t having it. She was afraid to share a bed with a boy, so she sneaked into the bathroom and called her mother. She then went downstairs and met Wailes in the lobby.

Wailes said her daughter was “terrified and really upset about the idea of sharing a bed with a biological boy — even though she had a good relationship with this other student.”

Imagine how the child must have felt. She knew what she was being asked to do was wrong even though school authorities had told her to do it. Thankfully, her parents weren’t woke. Imagine if they had been.

“I was really upset,” Serena Wailes told The Daily Signal. “One, I was really upset that she was put in that situation at 11 years old — I don’t feel that is fair to put kids in that kind of situation — and two, that we were not even given the information that this was a possibility before the trip. The whole time they’re saying, ‘Girls on one floor, boys on another, they’re not going to be in each other’s rooms unless it is preapproved.’ So we’re going through this whole process, not even recognizing that this is a possibility.”

Wailes called her husband from the hotel.

“I felt a bit helpless,” he said. “I was 2,000 miles away. My daughter is scared in a bathroom trying to get herself out of a situation. It was a frustrating experience, and I just really felt like it was not a situation my daughter should be put in.”

Alliance Defending Freedom is demanding the Jefferson County School Board and Dorland make clear “whether JCPS will continue this practice of intentionally withholding information about rooming accommodations from parents like the Waileses, who object to their children rooming with a student of the opposite sex, regardless of the other student’s gender identity,” the letter said.

“This practice renders it impossible for these parents to make informed decisions about their children’s privacy, upbringing, and participation in school-sponsored programs,” the group said. “Additionally, our clients request information related to JB R-1 and the ability to opt out of this rooming policy for all future school trips.”

When confronted about the situation, chaperones informed the school’s principal, Ryan Lucas, one of the trip leaders. Lucas then called the boy’s parents, according to the letter.

“K.E.M.’s parents confirmed their child’s transgender gender identity and that K.E.M. was to be in ‘stealth mode,’ meaning students on the trip would not know about their child’s transgender status,” the letter said.

“Stealth mode”? If that doesn’t sound like an intentional infiltration of transgender ideology into the minds of unsuspecting schoolchildren, I don’t know what does.

“Throughout the entire evening, K.E.M.’s privacy and feelings were always the primary concern of JCPS employees,” the letter said. “After JCPS disregarded D.W.’s privacy and the Waileses’ parental rights, JCPS then silenced D.W., thus infringing on her freedom of speech, when a JCPS teacher told the three girls that they were not allowed to tell anyone that K.E.M. was transgender, even though K.E.M. voluntarily chose to share this information.”

Finally, after some back and forth, the chaperones agreed to move the male student to another room — with another female student!

Get it? The Wailes girl is now the culprit because she made a fuss. Shift the blame. Normalize the unnormal.

The school district’s policy states that “in most cases,” rooms are assigned based on a student’s gender identity rather than biological sex, according to the demand letter.

Apparently, it doesn’t matter what the parents think. From the school’s perspective, wokeism is the law of the land. Parents and students must comply, no questions asked.

The Wailes said they have two fourth-grade children scheduled for school trips to New York, Washington and Philadelphia in 2024.

“They want to make sure that every parent knows that this is a possibility and can have the opportunity to opt out or make the best decision for their kid. But they also have two younger children that they want to make sure are not in the same situation that their older daughter was in,” Kate Anderson, director of the Center for Parental Rights at ADF, told The Daily Signal.

That’s not good enough. How about the parents of transgender students opting into schools where girls are girls and boys are boys or starting their own schools?

Hey, teacher, leave those kids alone!

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