Friday 8 December 2023

‘Not Strong And Not Popular’: Liberals Sound Off On Dem City Mayor Following Record-Low Approval Rating

Liberals are turning on Democratic New York City Mayor Eric Adams after he received a record low approval rating this week, Politico reported Friday.

A Quinnipiac University survey released Wednesday found New York City voters hit Adams with a 28% job performance score, which is the lowest approval rating for the position the pollster had found since it began asking the question in 1996. Democrats expressed frustration with the mayor to Politico, with some hoping for an alternative to Adams in the 2025 election and others preparing to fight his recent budget cuts in the near future.

“That opening has become wider and wider,” Ana María Archila, co-director of the left-wing New York Working Families Party, told Politico. “Back in early October, our thought was: This is still an incumbent, strong, popular enough. But the last several weeks have shown that this mayor is not only not strong and not popular, but he might not be the mayor for his whole term.” 

The poll comes after Adams was accused of sexual assault in a late November court filing by an anonymous plaintiff who claims the incident took place when the two worked together in 1993. The FBI is also investigating whether his campaign accepted illegal donations from Turkey.

Adams’ recent budget cuts to the police department, public education, and other city-funded services are also not viewed favorably by his constituents, with the poll revealing that an overwhelming amount of voters are concerned the reduced spending will disrupt their daily lives.

“This is the moment for us to begin to hone in on our message, get really tight on our message,” City Council member Carmen De La Rosa told Politico. “And I think that message is that these cuts are not only, in our opinion, going to be devastating [but] it’s also unnecessary to so deeply cut public education in New York City.”

The voters also said that affordable housing and crime were of their top concerns, according to the poll.

“One thing that is very clear is that the mayor is living in the conditions that he created,” Jasmine Gripper, the other founder of the Working Families Party, told Politico. “He promoted a narrative of high crime when the numbers didn’t show it. And now, he’s trying to convince New Yorkers that crime is low, and they don’t believe him, because he created a narrative that promoted so much fear.”

The mayor’s office threw cold water on the Quinnipiac poll in a statement to Politico, with Deputy Mayor Fabien Levy arguing “crime is down, jobs are up and we continue to deliver billions of dollars into the pockets of working people.”

Jim Owles Liberal Democratic Club is actively recruiting challengers to primary Adams in 2025, according to Politico.

“We’re talking to more people,” Allen Roskoff, president of the left-wing group, told Politico. “People that really weren’t considering running before.”

Former Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who resigned in 2021 amid sexual harassment allegations, is reportedly considering mounting a challenge.

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