Saturday 30 December 2023

New York FBI Field Office Director Says ‘There Are Threats Out There’ — Ahead of Times Square New Year’s Eve Celebration


James Smith, assistant director of New York’s FBI Field Office, has warned that “there are threats out there” ahead of Times Square’s massive annual New Year’s Eve celebration.

Smith confirmed that there will be a massive law enforcement presence during the celebration, including undercover officers, SWAT, bomb squads, and others in tactical gear.

“I would say overall that, yes, there are threats out there, but we are out there to protect the community day in and day out,” Smith told Fox News.

Smith continued, “That’s our mission – to protect the community of all threats.”

The FBI is working alongside dozens of local, state, and other federal law enforcement agencies to make sure everyone in attendance can ring in the new year safely.


“We will have a footprint within the Time Square celebration to protect the community,” Smith said. “We’ll have everything from our SWAT element to bomb teams out there working with our partners.”

Smith urged people to report any suspicious behavior, saying, “If you see something, say something.”

“We cannot protect the community without people reporting if there’s a threat or if a potential crime is about to take place,” Smith said.

Fox News reports that there will also be a command post with “dozens” of agencies monitoring potential threats.

“The command post is a room filled with various partners, where we’re all communicating with each other on what we’re seeing on the streets,” Smith said.

“We understand where our people are throughout the event. We understand where there could be some hot spots. I’m sure there’s going to be some demonstrations, or suspicious packages.”

Despite the potential threats, Smith urged people to trust law enforcement and have a good time.

“Have a good time. Do not worry. We are there to protect you,” said Smith. “Only thing I’m asking if you see something, say something. Tell the police officer at the corner or report something if you think something is wrong.”

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