Monday 18 December 2023

Louisiana Woman, Her Three Husbands, and Uncle Arrested for Heinous Crimes Linked to ‘Witchcraft, Satanism, and Vikingism


From left to right: Hannah Frisby, Caleb Frisby, Justin Cowart, and Tommy Allen (Ouachita Parish Sheriffâs Office)

In a chilling discovery, a Louisiana woman, together with her three husbands and an uncle, have been arrested following distressing allegations of holding a victim captive as part of a polyamorous relationship that quickly descended into abuse and ritualistic violence.

Hannah Frisby, 29, is the alleged ringleader of this disturbing cult that combined elements of witchcraft, Satanism, and Vikingism—a form of Norse deity worship. Arrested alongside her are Caleb Frisby, 28; Justin Cowart, 26; James Owens; and Frisby’s uncle, Tommy Allen, 54.

The group was apprehended after a report to the Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office in September by the victim’s sister.

According to Myarklamiss, state that the victim, who suffers from both autism and ADHD, was lured into the group on the pretense of forging a polyamorous relationship, only to later be designated as a sex slave.

The victim recounted how she was coerced into renouncing her Christian faith to participate in the group’s arduous rituals.


An arrest affidavit indicates the victim was subjected to inhuman treatments such as being forced to bathe in scalding water while scrubbing with stiff bristled brushes covered in bleach to cleanse ‘evil spirits,’ amongst other things.

In a particularly harrowing episode, it is alleged that a puppy was presented as a “sacrifice to the Gods” in a gruesome intimidation act. reported:

After being in the relationship for two weeks, the victim was punished by being forced to enter scolding hot water and scrub herself with stiff bristled brushes covered in bleach in front of residents in the home. According to court documents, the punishment was due to the victim’s self-harming.

The victim was allegedly forced to denounce her Christianity due to Hannah being Wiccan and practicing witchcraft, Caleb practicing satanism, and James practicing vikingism. The victim was allegedly abused and sexually assaulted by Hannah if she did not have sex with the “husbands.” Authorities learned that the victim suffers from autism and ADHD, which makes it easy for the victim to become confused. The victim was also allegedly abused by Hannah’s uncle, Tommy Allen.

On September 21, 2023, the victim invited her sister to the residence to visit. Once the sister arrived at the residence, she entered the home and the victim asked her sister, “How is Freddy?” Officials learned that the question is a safety code in the victim’s family if they are in trouble.

The victim then grabbed a notebook and asked the sister to read her poetry. The victim then wrote in the notebook “Help me. They won’t let me leave. They beat me every day like a slave.”

Approximately two hours after the victim’s sister left the home, deputies arrived at the residence to perform a welfare check on the victim. Deputies were informed that the victim was being held hostage and assaulted by people in the home. Tommy, Hannah, Caleb, and Justin were arrested on December 14, 2023.

Hannah Frisby now faces first-degree rape, ritualistic acts, and aggravated battery charges. Cowart, accused of aggravated battery and first-degree rape; Caleb Frisby and Allen each stand charged with aggravated battery.

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