Tuesday 26 December 2023

Lindsey Graham On Current Threat Environment: ‘Jihadist Inspired Terrorist Attacks Are At An All-Time High’

 Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) said during an interview over the weekend that in the wake of the October 7 terrorist attacks in Israel, the threat from Islamic terrorist attacks is at an all-time high.

Graham made the remarks during a Sunday ABC News interview on “This Week” with Pierre Thomas.

“I’ve never been more concerned about a terrorist attack on our homeland,” Graham said. “The director of the FBI, when I questioned him a couple weeks ago, said he sees blinking lights everywhere. And particularly after October the 7th, we’re helping Israel deal with the destruction of Hamas, defending themselves. After October the 7th Jihadist groups all over the world are calling on their members to attack America as payback for us helping Israel.”

“So, the threat levels are at all-time high,” he said. “October the 7th put gasoline on a fire. And we need to get our border secure and up our game.”

Graham said that it was important that lawmakers continue to beef up funding for the U.S. military and for the FBI so that they can meet the threat environment and stop any attacks before they happen.

He said that while domestic terrorism does worry him, “Jihadist inspired terrorist attacks are at an all-time high.”

“They want to punish us for helping Israel,” he added.


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