Tuesday 26 December 2023

Joe Biden’s America: “Got-Away” Illegal Aliens Crossing Open US Border Are Caught on Camera CARRYING RIFLES

 Joe Biden’s America: He is working to take your firearms as illegal aliens walk across the open border carrying their own rifles

FOX News correspondent Griff Jenkins posted photos this week of illegal alien “got-aways” crossing the open US border carrying rifles.

More from Griff Jenkins.


Guns and sex offenders are crossing the open border into the USA.

And another caravan of 5,000 is on its way to the open border. Joe Biden is killing America. They don’t need the votes. The open border is much more ominous. It is the purposeful destruction of our country.

They want to destroy America.

That’s not all… US Agents found 10 IEDs at the border last week.

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