Saturday 16 December 2023

Jewish Congressman Confirms Identity Of Democrat Staffer Who Yelled ‘Free Palestine!’ At Him

 Rep. Max Miller (R-OH) confirmed the identity of a Democrat staffer who confronted him this week over his support for Israel.

Miller, who is Jewish and has expressed strong support for Israel in recent months following Hamas’ October 7 terrorist attack, told The Daily Caller that the staffer was Aidan Maese-Czeropski, who works as a legislative aide for Sen. Ben Cardin (D-MD).

When the Caller contacted Cardin’s office about the incident, they responded: “Are you sure you have the correct person? Having seen press reports, I understood this was a House staffer. Also, the person you mention is much more junior than an LD, so perhaps there was a mix up in identification, as well? Additional information would be of help.”

When the Caller noted that the identity was confirmed by Miller, Cardin’s office went silent.

The incident was witnessed by NBC News reporter Ali Vitali, who posted on X about it soon after it happened.

“Snapshot from the halls of the Hill: a House staffer just passed by GOP Rep. Max Miller —who is Jewish and has been supportive of sending aide to Israel— and said ‘free Palestine’,” she wrote. “Pretty rare and stunning to see staff challenge members to their faces this way.”

The remarks come after Hamas terrorists murdered 1,200 Israelis, wounded 5,300+, and kidnapped hundreds in an unprecedented terrorist attack that has changed the region forever.

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