Sunday 17 December 2023

Iranian-Backed Terrorists Continue To Attack Cargo Ships In Red Sea As Biden Does Nothing

 Iranian-backed Houthi terrorists based in Yemen continued to disrupt international commerce by attacking large shipping vessels late this week that were passing through the Red Sea.

U.S. Central Command said that latest attacks happened on Friday which comes after countless other attacks have happened over the last several weeks as the Houthis especially focus on ships that they believe have any ties to Israel.

Early Friday morning, “Houthi forces contacted the Motor Vessel MSC ALANYA, a Liberian flagged vessel that was traveling north in the southern part of the Red Sea and threatened to attack it,” CENTCOM said. “The Houthis directed the vessel to turn around and proceed south. Although there were no U.S. ships in the area, U.S. forces maintained direct communications with the vessel, and the ALANYA continued north.”

About two hours later, “a UAV launched from Houthi held territory struck the Liberian flagged Motor Vessel AL JASRAH as it was travelling south in the Red Sea,” the statement said. “The AL JASRAH immediately broadcast a mayday signal that said the crew was fighting a fire caused by the attack.”


Approximately four hours later, “Houthi forces launched two ballistic missiles towards the international shipping lanes in the Bab el-Mandeb strait,” the statement concluded. “One of these missiles struck the Liberian flagged MV PALATIUM 3, which broadcast a mayday call and reported that the vessel was on fire. The USS MASON has responded to that request. The other missile likely missed any ships.”

U.S. officials have become increasingly frustrated by the lack of a response by President Joe Biden, who is focused on not upsetting Iran. Biden also delisted the Houthis from the official terrorist list shortly after he got into office, a decision that has generated a lot of blowback for the administration.

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