Saturday 9 December 2023

Global Embarrassment: Biden Announces “Over a Billion Three Hundred Million Trillion Three Hundred Million Dollars” Infrastructure Investment in Las Vegas (VIDEO)


Joe Biden visited the Carpenter International Training Center in Las Vegas, Nevada

Another day, another global embarrassment.

Biden departed the White House en route to Las Vegas, Nevada on Friday and ignored reporters posted up on the South Lawn.

He was dubbed as the “Walking Dead” by critics.


Biden visited the Carpenter International Training Center to announce the projects as part of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act passed in 2021.


In a gaffe that could have analysts adding new zeros to their spreadsheets for years to come, Joe Biden announced what would have been an impressively outlandish infrastructure investment budget on Friday.

Biden’s announcement in Las Vegas mentioned an extraordinary and perplexing figure: “over a billion, three hundred million, trillion, three hundred million dollars.” Yes, that’s many, many zeroes — too many, to be exact. Biden literally described his regime’s spending.

Biden also mocked former President Donald Trump during his talk.

“Four years of Infrastructure Week. But it failed, he failed,” claimed Biden.

In 2017, President Donald Trump unveiled plans for an “Infrastructure Week,” a sequence of high-profile events designed to garner support for his trillion-dollar proposal to rebuild the nation’s highways and bridges.

“On my watch, instead of infrastructure week, America is having infrastructure decades, decades. Over a billion, three hundred million, trillion, three hundred million dollars.

Attendees of the announcement were left to wonder if the Biden regimes had just pledged the gross domestic product of several large planets or perhaps stumbled into some form of quantum financing.

“Trump just talks the talk. We walk the walk. Look, he likes to say America is a fair nation. Frankly, he doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about,” said Biden.

The audacity!


The actual planned investment includes a hefty $3 billion for a groundbreaking high-speed electric train route meant to connect Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, reducing what can be a seven-hour car trip into a journey of just over two hours.

CBS reported:

The $3 billion in new federal funding for the Las Vegas-Los Angeles rail line is about a third of the total projected cost of the new Brightline West train line, which is projected to be finished before the 2028 Olympics in Los Angeles. The company touts the train on its website as the “first true high-speed passenger rail system in the nation.”

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg told reporters the rail line is expected to carry 11 million passengers at its peak, and the total trip will take about two hours — which is about half the time it takes to drive.

Other passenger rail projects that will receive funding include a Los Angeles-San Francisco train that will reach 220 miles per hour, a rail expansion between Washington, D.C., and Richmond, Virginia, and other upgrades in Pennsylvania, Maine, Massachusetts, Montana and other states.

There is a years-long lag time between the projects’ funding and their completion. But Biden administration officials hope the president’s spotlight — and resulting union jobs from the construction — will help boost public support for Mr. Biden’s economic policies. A CBS News poll last month found Americans believe their finances would be better off if former President Trump were elected over Mr. Biden in 2024.

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