Monday 11 December 2023

‘Even Narcissus Didn’t Love Himself This Much’: Fauci Doesn’t Need Church, His ‘Personal Ethics’ Are Enough

 Former White House Chief COVID Adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci claimed during a recent interview that he no longer felt the need to attend church because his “personal ethics on life” were enough.

Fauci made the comments during a conversation with BBC special correspondent — and frequent MSNBC contributor — Kathy Kay, also citing “problems” with the organized church as a whole.


During the interview, Fauci pointed out the chapel where he and his wife were married — and Kay, noting the beauty of the chapel, asked whether he still went there for church services.

“You don’t practice anymore, do you?” she pressed. “Why?”

“A number of complicated reasons,” Fauci began, but Kay was not ready to let the topic drop.

“Go on, you have a whole corridor,” she laughed, as the camera showed them walking down a long hall.

“First of all, I think my own personal ethics on life are, I think, enough to keep me going on the right path,” he claimed. “And I think that there are enough negative aspects about the organizational church — that you’re very well aware of.” “I’m not against it,” Fauci continued. “I identify myself as a Catholic — I was raised, I was baptized, I was confirmed, I was married in the church, my children were baptized in the church — but as far as practicing it, it seems almost like a pro forma thing that I don’t really need to do.”

Critics were not impressed with Fauci’s take on religion, with many suggesting that his own high opinion of himself left little room for any deity.

“Wow. Even Narcissus didn’t love himself this much,” Adele Scalia posted.

“He played God once. Why should he have to take a demotion?” Stephen L. Miller added.

“So … He’s very NOT Catholic, then. Religious illiteracy is a major problem in our news media. Also … ‘Identifies as Catholic’?????” Larry O’Connor observed.

“Fauci definitely falls asleep at night on a Fauci pillow under a huge wall painting of himself as a centaur,” Doug Powers said.

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