Wednesday 20 December 2023

Egypt Completes Wall to Keep Out Palestinians from Gaza


Egypt completes border all and security fence with Gaza. 12-23

Egypt values its border security.

Egyptian workers recently completed a 8-10 foot concrete border wall to keep out Palestinians.

A security fence topped with barbed wire stands before the concrete wall.

And a series of earthen berms are behind the concrete wall.

Egypt is serious about its border security.


Meanwhile, the southern border of the United States is wide open. Over ten million illegals have walked across the border since Joe Biden took office.

This is the purposeful destruction of the greatest country on earth.

10,000 to 12,000 illegals are entering the southern border every day now.
This cannot continue. Our country is being destroyed – on purpose.

FOX News host Bill Melugin reported this week, “I’ve spent hundreds of days there over the last 2+ years and I’ve never seen it like this.”


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