Sunday 31 December 2023

Cartel Gun Fight with Mexican Military Breaks Out Across Border From Lukeville, Arizona (VIDEO)


On Friday, former ICE field director John Fabbricatore reported on a Cartel shootout near Lukeville, Arizona.

“Reports are coming in about a large firefight south of the Lukeville port of entry in AZ between the cartel and the Mexican military. Gunfire can be heard, and a small explosion. Possible vehicles are on fire.” Fabbricatore said on X.

According to NewsNation reporter Ali Bradley, the cartel shootout happened Friday which included gunfire and vehicles that caught on fire.


“Cartel shootout across the border from Lukeville yesterday according to Border Patrol sources—Machine gun fire was heard by national guard members operating a surveillance system—3 vehicles outfitted with weapons carrying people were spotted near the international boundary—Weapons were discharged—Vehicles ended up engulfed in flames as you can see from the images.” Ali Bradley had said.

Video posted to X shows part of the gunfight that occurred just across the southern border near Lukeville, AZ.


Additional footage of the Cartel firefight:

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