Thursday 23 November 2023

Transgender-Identifying Man Charged After Threatening To Copy Nashville Shooting

 A biological male who identifies as a transgender woman has been indicted in federal court for threatening to kill school children and rape Christian girls.

Jason Lee Willie, who goes by Alexia Willie, was charged Nov. 7 with 14 felony counts related to the threats, according to an indictment in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Illinois first reported on Wednesday by the Daily Wire 


Each of Willie’s 14 counts is for an Interstate Communication of a Threat to Injure, including graphic threats to kill children and black Americans and rape little girls.

One of those messages — which Willie sent from Illinois to Virginia — stated, “We’re out here walking into your school, shooting your children, and I’m gonna tell you right now, I’m gonna be one of them and the FBI isn’t gonna stop me, but I’m gonna kill your children out here,” according to the indictment.

Willie made similar threats to a black man and woman, in a message in which he appeared to use racial slurs, per the indictment. He also threatened to kill a woman and her child during a video call on an online platform, the document notes.

The transgender-identifying man allegedly bragged about being a pedophile and stated his intention to rape Christian girls. 

“Well, I guarantee I’ll be in the bathroom raping your Christian daughters, and there ain’t nothing you faggots can do about it,” Willie said, according to the indictment.

“I don’t care I’m openly a pedo. I’m openly a pedophile. I literally feel on your girls’ pussies. You guys can’t do nothing about us. You can cry. Cry. Put me on national television, I don’t care. I’m transgender, I’m in the bathroom raping your fucking daughters,” he stated in a separate communication, according to the indictment.

Willie also celebrated the March 2023 mass shooting that saw biological woman who identified as a man murder six people at a Nashville Christian school.

“A person in Tennessee walked into one of your schools and shot up a bunch of your Christian daughters, ” Willie said, per the indictment. “That’s not the last of them if you don’t shut your fucking mouth.”

Willie was arrested on Nov. 8 and a trial is set for Jan. 16.

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